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Tonight, I sit within
The cool space of the coffee shop
Holding in my hand
A warm cup of coffee
Its stillness so different
From the moving Manila traffic outside
From the riot of voices in the street
From the concerto of car horns.

And in this storm I am reborn.

Amidst the mad swirl of sounds
I find myself reaching inside
Closing my eyes
Touching my core
Drawing out the calmness of my soul
Giving rise to a delicious warmth
Forged from within
Seeping from my skin
Burning fire spreading, rising
From the tips of my toes
To my hidden valleys and curves
Outward to my outstretched hands
Under the silver warmth of the full moon
See me stand.
Touch me and burn
Careful now, I am coming undone
I am unleashing, letting go of inhibitions
Taking hold of my life’s direction
Kiss my hand
Feel the softness of my skin
With a look, I can make you sin
Feel the fire in my touch
Let my lips make your breath catch
Come now, fear me, love me
I have come on my own
Worship me, adore me, take me in
For tonight,
I am gloriously alive.
For tonight,
I will drive you wild.
Yes, tonight
I will eclipse the sun.
I am magnificently — woman.