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She holds the darkness of the sea 

in her eyes, on a stormy day

with the waves crashing around you

with the skies birthing thunder and rain,

she smiles and the earth shakes.
She cradles lighting and fire.

In the sway of her hips,

she is a hurricane waiting to be unleashed.

In each step she takes, the ground groans

yearning for release, 

with a touch from her blood-red lips.
Fall madly in-love with her. 

Kiss every part, every strand of her hair.

Like water dissolve into her.

In desperation, in adoration for this creature –

This woman, not plucked from a man.

This queen not in need of a king.
Breathe and feel her, embrace her.

She is life, light, pulsating fire.

She is a force to be reckoned with.

This woman, this daughter of the earth.

In her bosom, she bears the answer

to the cycle of life and rebirth.

Love her, fear her.

You cannot deny,

this goddess has your heart

in the palm of her hands,

and she can crush you

with just a look

ever so softly, ever so quietly

from where you stand.

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