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I stood outside your door

And fumbled for the key.


The one you gave to me.

That day?

When your eyes twinkled

As you said,

Your heart was mine forever.

And it felt like a thousand mornings 

Shone their light upon you and I.

Everything felt right. 
Yes, this key …

The one you’re taking away from me 

Your eyes were so cold

As you shut the door at my face,

And I heard her laughing inside.

And just like that, just like this key

My love, yes, my love was effaced

And night stole into my heart. 
And today, I feel so stupid 

Standing here, outside

Still holding on to promises 

Still yearning for dreams 

Still wishing for forever

Still not wanting to sever our ties

Still wanting to believe your lies.

But the hallway was silent

And I heard my footfalls echoing

The emptiness, disturbing the stillness

Of that meaningless space

Growing between you and I,

As I finally decided to walk away 

From that key

From us

And from all those lies.
(Note: Photo not mine, it was taken from the web)