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The rain fell

just like pearls,

as you sat by the window

in your veil,

looking at the tamarind tree

outside —

laced with lights

adorned with flowers

just like you

just like a bride.

And quietly I wept inside….

It seemed like only yesterday,

when the same pearls fell

from the dress I wore that day

and they lay so pure and white

so innocent and unassuming

on the hard wooden floor ….

Now, the lines on my face

so visible under the light

are the only signs that could tell

why the pearls glistened like tears,

and they still do, after all these years.

Quietly, I held your hand.

I felt your warmth

your youth reaching out

your eyes reflecting the sun

filled with hope and happiness.

My dry hands adjusted your dress

and the ring on my finger

felt so cold and alone

as I led you outside

through the door, on your own ….

Where life waited

and love existed


for a brief time


for eternity ….

As you smiled at me

I saw with my eyes

the pearls on your dress glistened

like the moon and starlight

so different from yesterday’s gems.

And I cried for love

I cried for joy

I cried for all those pearls falling

and how I was unable to gather them.