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I watched you sleep,

heart in my eyes

breathing in your scent.

And in this moment of clarity

caught between night and day

when the heart hears clearly

the muffled thoughts of the day,

as the last sunlight passes



through the window panes ….

A last spark of consciousness, 

my thoughts slowly wandered

inside willfully ignored lanes ….

And I honestly marvelled,

at how the window held up

against the elements, and yet

it could not stop the light 

it could not block it

it could not hold back the sun ….

as it flowed past,

through its edges

beyond imposed hedges,

the light glowed 

so brightly, so truthfully.

And looking at it,

I knew right then

the piercing sadness 

of holding someone

who is not really there ….

And I felt myself

slowly breaking


under the fading light

in the diminishing warmth

before the coming night

within, the tragedy of your arms.