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And so I’ll twerk

With each twitch

I’ll invite,

I’ll flip my hair

with a sparkle in my eye

I’ll say,

touch me

feel me

know the softness

the creaminess

of my thigh.

Pay me

and hear me moan

hear me sigh.

No, I am not a woman.

Don’t treat me as such.

I am not human.

I am breasts bouncing

Butt grinding

White legs flashing

Firm flesh inviting

Smooth skin glistening.

I have no thoughts

No rights

I will dance

For your pleasure

Appreciate my allure.

Just pay up

Feel me up

Enjoy my routine,

I am your sin.

I am not a woman.

I am not human.

I am sex

in the way I move

in every beat of my groove

I’ll fill your thoughts

and make your heart beat fast

with images that will last

of my small waist

juicy hips

and red hot lips.

So go ahead and feel me.

I am your playgirl

Let the money twirl

I don’t care

So treat me like


just like disposable trash

as long as you have cash.

I’ll be what you want

Anything at all

Just not a woman

Just not human.

The PLAYGIRLS recently said that there was nothing wrong with what they did, they said that they are professionals and it was a job they got paid for. Yet somehow, I could still hear the emcee in the event introducing them as Tolentino’s “gift” to the Laguna Liberal Party event. This controversy raises a lot of questions that will make our society ponder on our values and moral standards — where do we draw the line? Some people are saying that what they did was okay, yet some are indignant about it. I can’t help but wonder, would we allow our daughters, sisters, mothers and aunts to do the same thing? After all, it is okay right? So we shouldn’t mind then if our own flesh-and-blood would rub their gyrating behinds in front of the only too eager waiting “fronts” of overjoyed men? What is okay nowadays and what does the Church have to say about this? Shouldn’t national leaders also serve as role models? Or are all of these notions outdated already?


Click the link above to watch a portion of the controversial performance.

Below is an article worth sharing from Inday Espina-Varona

The games LP guys play

10/01/2015 8:52 PM

Inday Espina-Varona 


The tweet, was straightforward. A video clip of women in skimpy outfits gyrating over a man lying on his back onstage at the Sta. Cruz oath-taking of Laguna Liberal Party members/birthday celebration of Laguna 4th district Rep. Benjie Agarao.

The women didn’t just gyrate. One actually humped — yes, humped — the man. Not just once, but several times.
The tweet, by the Inquirer Group, stressed that, “for the nth time,” the emcee announced the women were a “gift” from Francis Tolentino of the MMDA.

Social media went ballistic.

Tolentino, after all, has spent a big chunk of his official time — paid for by citizens — attending fiestas and assorted events in the provinces. He has been scarce during days and nights of commuter bedlam, save for that lone photo-op where he is proudly seen violating government regulations for motorcycle riders. In short, he has spent the last few months campaigning, in a bid to improve the odds of his getting into the Liberal Party slate.

This was a daylight public event — covered by media, attended by many folk, including minors. There was a flood of yellow shirts. This was an official LP event — their standard-bearer Mar Roxas was there, but had apparently left for a private lunch when the show went down.

Confronted by an angry public, Tolentino and Agarao went out of their way to prove just what kind of slimy politicians they are.

The Inquirer report said Tolentino never denied it when reporters on the scene asked him about the skimpy-clad entertainers. He even quipped, “I actually asked them to wear skirts.”

Tolentino would later deny that he was the benefactor. That was late in the afternoon.

All that gallivanting around the country must have addled Tolentino’s head if he thinks people will believe those women would defy the man paying for their services.

If he really didn’t have anything to do with that display of sexism, he should have screamed the first time the emcee mentioned his name. And if he didn’t have anything to do with it, the Playgirls wouldn’t have gone out of their way to gush their thanks on social media.

Agarao is just a bad.

On DZMM, just before TV Patrol, Agarao said Tolentino had nothing to do with the Playgirls. On another interview, he said he was too busy so was not able to ask Tolentino about the women.

But then he waxes philosophical about the scandal.

Wala daw malisya. He seeks to dodge accountability by implying it is the rest of the world guilty of malice.
He wants us to believe that the act of humping a man — never mind twerking; that’s a dance — in public, in broad daylight — is acceptable entertainment for official events of the party of tuwid na daan.

Agarao wants us to believe that was an innocent parlour game. They should have just played stick-it-where-the-sun-don’t-shine.

Then he proceeds to rope in the entire Laguna into a tortured explanation of cultural sensitivity. Ganito kami dito.

I will leave the good congressman to the mercy of his province mates.

What will the rest of the Liberal Party stalwarts say?

There are very strong women in the LP — Leni Robredo, the woman who commanded the respect of Jesse, immediately comes to mind. What will she say? What will their allies — including staunch feminists — say of that particular stunt?

As Edna Aquino, a development worker notes: “If we are to use the discourse of righteous indignation that we are fighting corruption and aim to set the country straight, shall we continue using women as ‘gifts’ to keep our male comrades happy?  Are you serious Liberal Party? Leni Robredo, were you not offended by this?”

Edna adds, “There were children / minors in the audience. If you did not disassociate yourself at first instance and even made a snide remark like this, you are complicit, MMDA Francis Tolentino. The same goes to all public officials present who have the statutory obligations under the law specifically the Magna Carta on Women to respect, protect and fulfill women’s rights.”

Time for the proponents of tuwid na daan to send Tolentino out on his twitching backside.

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