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Weave me a moment

a pocket in time,

sprinkle it with needlepoint

and lily flavored sunlight,

spilling past still curtains

of buttery hue, quietly hanging on

white walls dyed with the fading light

of the bleeding crimson colored sun,

now blazing red against the waning blue

of this ever changing sky

where day changes to dusk

and dusk with her sad large eyes

lies patiently peering

over the edge of raging clouds

sailing past humanity, 

who are softly sleeping

perhaps even dreaming 

of tomorrow, of hope and of love

while the pink blush of dawn steals above

silent hearts and wishful souls,

as dusk wearily closes 

her black limpid eyes

against the blinding glory 

of the rising transient rosy sun,

please … steal me this moment

weave me a lifetime

within this space …

within this dream encrusted place

let me have this, my fragile haven – 

let me live on what has been

on memories given, unwoven

but are once again made whole

inside the wistful cocoon of my soul.