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I want to live

I want to blow bubbles 

and set them free

to ride the changing air.

I want to be surrounded 

by their iridescent light,

get lost in the midst

of multicolored globes

floating in the wind.

Alive for a minute 

shimmering with colors,

until they burst.


Just like that.

A blank space 

where light and color 


swirled within that fragile sphere.

Briefly glowing

under a golden afternoon

where the warm wind blew

and the tall grass swayed

and the sun saw life

dancing briefly, ever so swiftly 

on this earth, where all things turn

ashes to ashes, return

on this transient soil

where nothing ever stays.

But on this summer day,

I want to forget and dream.

I want to laugh and scream.

I want to cry and fall in-love.

I want to breathe and be seen.

And when this bubble bursts ….

Know this.

I fought.

I lived.

I stayed.

I didn’t take the easy way out.

I was.

And now ….

I will be 

a tiny ripple

causing infinite waves 

in your sea of memories,

alive with the colors of the sun

shimmering in your mind

like a distant tantalizing dream

forever loved

always remembered

never forgotten.