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I just wanted to share because I was happy when I saw this outside our home this morning. I wonder, if anyone my age still remembers, what I fondly call “the magical mobile emporium” of my youth. Seeing this store brought back memories ….

I remember that every summer afternoon, I’d wait outside our gate for the big sinewy white carabao to come plodding down our street, tirelessly pulling his master’s wares that were either hanging on the side or were stock up inside this huge wagon (well, when you’re a kid everything looks big). Then, as if on cue, the homemakers and manangs in our neighborhood would come out to choose and haggle over the prices of mirrors, small bamboo chairs, basins, woven bamboo cradles, baskets, bamboo toddler walkers and brooms; while the other kids and I would go “ooooh” and “aaaah” over wooden toy snakes that would twist and turn when you held them by their tails, wooden toy guns that fired invisible but noisy shots when you cranked up the handle attached to their sides and wooden chickens that magically pecked at invisible morsels when you swished them around. Sometimes, when we got lucky, we would be allowed to pet the docile carabao and we would enthusiastically do so even if he smelled kinda funky 🙂 Today, however, a powerful motorcycle has replaced the gentle carabao, yet the sight of the “magical mobile emporium” still made me smile. Haaaaaaay, childhood memories … time flies … #nostalgia