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I wait for you

behind glass windows,

as the sun sets 

in a spectacular burst of red

and the fading light shows

half of me is in shadows.

And I wondered

are you thinking of me too?

As you cross the busy streets 

facing a sea of strangers,

do you feel me looking at you?

With my heart’s eyes, gazing

through walls of concrete

piercing past obstacles

in my desire to know 

that in this physical world of facts,

you are not some unreachable reality

that I could only 

dream of

yearn for

and yet … my heart beats for,

that somehow


sometime soon

I will feel your warm touch

under the same moon,

now rising, out of darkness

a light, a glow of hope

in this infinite cycle of sadness.

And as the city lights turn on

like fireflies glowing in the night

so do memories of you light me up.

Another endless day, endured

living on thoughts of you.

Each heartbeat

each action

each motion

holding on to that hope

that one day

behind this same glass window,

I will put my head on your shoulder

as you draw me closer

and make me believe

that there is, after all … a forever.