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Give her space.
Give her a place.
In the city of lights,
where shadows reside
hiding between concrete walls
in darkened corners of the soul.
She waits … cloaked in silence,
she waits, for darkness to pass.
She knows it cannot last
like fading tendrils of moonlight,
it too, will spread its starlit wings
amidst whispers of things unseen.
It takes flight into the heart of starlight,
and flutter across the evening sky,
piercing night’s pale silver baleful eye
until scarlet pools gather at dusk
coalescing into the blazing sun,
where everything burns
and everything returns
while the world turns
as ties are severed
and souls are renewed.
Light as air breaks the day,
sailing lightning high
across the cobalt sea
of the azure sky, she’s free
to walk and burn in the light
like a diamond, pure to see
flawlessly bright
holding its own true light
after passing through
the unholy hours of the night.