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No, you are not trash.

You are more than what you think.
More than what people made you feel,
more than the wounds they left behind
on you, in you, refusing to heal,
because you still think they are right
and you are always lacking, always wrong,
because they stole your joy and your light
and you thought it was okay to play along,
because you thought if you gave and gave
they would change and see your worth,
that all these love inside you, within you,
would make them want to stay.
But it won’t, they’d leave and come back
only to take what they need,
and leave you to tragically bleed.
It can stop, you need to stop
before there is nothing left
before your heart is gone
before your soul feels bereft.
You need to see who you are
with or without them, you are beautiful.
You were created with a lovely soul
made and designed to love AND be loved,
not to be used like a tool or be anyone’s fool.
You are NOT who they thought you to be.
Break free and clearly see,
you don’t need them in your life to be happy.
Listen to your core, that self you’ve hidden,
that self you chose to ignore.
Listen, it’s telling you that you were strong then,
and you are STILL strong now.
On your own, you can stand alone.
And in your strength
you are magnificent to behold.
So walk away, be yourself.
Be free, be happy,

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