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This kiss
like a man drowning
gasping for air
drawing life from without
to within, ensnare
hypnotize, trap me with your lips.
Firm, warm, invading fire,
stroke the sleeping embers
of a growing hunger,
of tongues dancing
seeking and intertwining,
until the little hair at the back of my neck are rising
and my face, cheeks, forehead are burning
with fever rising, my head is swimming.
In a brief moment of sanity
I looked down and saw in all clarity,
my flushed face and skin on fire
and I wondered why at this meeting of souls
I was over here, while you were down there.
But your body pressed closer to mine
and tomorrow is still hours away,
perhaps hearts mean little tonight
perhaps our flesh should burn
to show us that this is right.
Would it hurt the next day?
I don’t know,
in this friction of lips against lips
all I want to say is that …
tonight I want you to stay.


Photo not mine. Unknown origin.