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You sat across the bus from me.
Eyes closed, clutching your rosary.
Lips moving silently,
muttering each required prayer obediently.
And I watched this unfolding spectacle,
as vehicles are whizzing by
while sidecar drivers
racing against each other
hurled curses at one another,
as pedestrians irritably
allowed them to fly by.

Yet, in the midst of all these trappings
of modern jungle cacophony,
you sat unperturbed in all glory.
Beatifically putting us all to shame,
knowing our preoccupied souls are lost in the game.
As you serenely prayed and chanted
and I watched like one enchanted
by your grace and your faith,
I wished I could share in that state
of righteous bliss and goodness,
bask and get lost in such holiness.
But then, you moved and opened your eyes.
I greeted you with an engaging smile.
You scowled then smirked.
The eyes never lie,
with a sideways look you said,
I should curl up, wither and die.

(Photo from nats33.hubpages.com)
The sidecars are considered to be a sort of public transport in Manila. They are used by passengers to get in and around the side streets of the city. However, you should have nerves of steel when riding one, because sidecar drivers are notorious for recklessly weaving in and out of traffic and for running over pedestrians who are not quick enough to get out of their way.