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And so it went on
like a virus out of control,
it spread.
Bouncy bootilicious wonder.
Golden yumminess all over.

And the man sitting across,
sputtered and nearly choked
at the sight of your golden buns.
Shining from his phone like the sun.
“What the???
Well, would you look at that.”
His tone, a mix of shock and disgust.

And I wondered, at that moment,
how may “feminists” are crying hell
while gazing at your photos,
and naming you the modern-day Jezebel.
“What unrealistic standards is she setting!!!???”
They’re saying angrily, while expecting
every woman to go out marching.
But then again, the other “feminists” are lauding,
such a celebration of the female body and sexuality.
In the end, both sides end up fighting.

“What a hooker!!!”
Someone, somewhere, right now is saying.
“For heaven’s sake, isn’t she a mother???”
“I’d drag her home if she was my sister!!!”
While the guy in the corner
drew his phone closer.
And for a moment, I thought
he looked flushed
as he shifted on his chair.
“Well, I’m glad my wife is nothing like her.”
A married man remarked while stealing
another glance at his tablet,
bookmarking it I bet
before casually putting on
a nonchalant air.

And I wondered, how many teenage boys
are holding their phones with sticky hands?
I can’t help but think,
by what philosophy
does your husband and family
live their lives. Ah well,
I suppose for them, as long as this sells.
Who was it that sang, everything has a price?
Hmmm … are we getting dumb or wise?

And I wondered, if women, young and old
are standing in front of mirrors?
While the smart ones are probably saying,
“So what!!!??? Why even care!!!???
It’s not an issue,
only idiots would get bothered,
each time she goes bold and bare.
Besides there are more pressing concerns —
things to know, study and learn.
People should have more sense
and look at other events with interest
instead of showing such indifference.”
And so they bury their nose
back to their books
on cultural studies, sociology
and other “important” things.
Still not understanding why,
people are ignoring
their opinions and ideas.
Instead with a smirk they think,
the masses are such ding-a-lings.

And I wondered about the woman
behind (get it?) those intriguing buns.
I guess she’s smiling right now,
thinking how every FB page,
and every news feed
carries her luscious image.
Success it is,
she’s created the buzz.
And haters can cuss,
they can call her names,
spread hurtful memes,
but her exposure has gone up.
And in this age of social media
that’s what’s important.
It’s her, that they, the public wants.
Traffic stats, share counts
never ever lie.
They validate her influence,
even the tenure of her existence.
The thought surely makes her smile.
And yet after a while,
the same thought would maybe
make her realize … a what-if,
that would cast a shadow in her eyes.
And all the while, the world turns.
And humanity, alternately, rises and burns.



Photos taken from Glamour UK