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There are restless ghosts
haunting the mind.
Unseen, quiet residents of the heart.
Phantoms that will not depart.
Hiding in forgotten places,
lurking behind long-closed doors.
Rising unbidden, staring at you
with hollow lonely eyes
that you cannot ignore.
And they speak,
in a voice echoing the rattling
of heavy eternal chains.
Knocking on windows,
these crafty specters
are carried wherever
the dark wind blows.
And hastily you try
to lock them up,
bury them deep within
where even the sun won’t find
traces of your sin.
Until one of these days,
looking around
you find them
silently sitting
beside you …
once again.

“Pensive”. JacksOnpage. Deviantart.com. Web. http://jacks0npage.deviantart.com/art/pensive-281296074