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Hmmm … this is strange. I just found out that this particular poem of mine suddenly disappeared and I don’t know how. I didn’t delete it, hmmm … the app I’m using must be going bonkers again. But anyway, I’m reposting the poem and I hope it doesn’t mysteriously disappear this time.

You cried today
when I crossly told you
to do the assignment
you’ve been putting off
for the past couple of days.
I think maybe,
I could have said it gently,
perhaps without scowling
perhaps while smiling ….

I guess I shouldn’t have
raised my voice like that,
and I know I should have
just stuck to the issue,
instead of irritably digging up
various past situations
you’ve carelessly messed up.

But mundane cares
got in the way.
Bills waiting,
paperworks piling,
deadlines looming,
dishes that needs washing,
clothes ready for ironing,
and a roof that needs fixing.
Patience runs thin
when worries creep in ….

I turned to you
and saw you looking at me
with large teary eyes
and I felt so old —
time surely flies ….
I can’t help but think,
one of these days
would you be the one standing here?
Looking into your child’s eyes
filled with silent pleading tears?

I don’t know,
but this I’m sure of ….
I’ll be mindful now of the way I act
of the way I speak to you
of how I react.
I’ll swallow down these cares
because someday soon,
you’ll be on your own,
by yourself, maybe alone ….
But until then,
as long as I could hold off
that coming when,
I’ll shield you from this world —
from all the burdens it carries.
Just for a little while more,
I want to see you smile,
your innocent face shining,
free from grown-up worries.

Photo. lifehacker.com.au