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I know I haven’t been writing for a while, and quite honestly I don’t know why. My husband asked me about it this morning while we were having coffee, and I had no answer to give. It’s just that one day, I woke up and I didn’t feel like writing — and I can’t figure out why (yes, this is a moment of consternation). Did that ever happen to any of you guys?

I felt so spent … and kinda sad too … and I just couldn’t write …. Is that weird? I feel so incomplete right now, because writing has always been a part of me. It came so naturally, and it just feels surreal that the drive to write just left me and there’s no rational explanation as to why it happened. Ah sheesh, I hope this random entry would jump-start things …. I miss writing poetry ….

@Sam (@Beledbyreason) I’m sorry for making you worry. I think I’m okay, LoL :D, yup I’m pretty sure I am, except for the fact that my Muse has left me bereft of inspiration. I’ll catch up with you soon, hugs and kisses to you dear 🙂 I’ll just go find a hole somewhere :))

Please, slap me silly on the face o fickle Inspiration … puuuhlease.