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Give me a bit.
Give me a minute.
I won’t bow down in defeat.
I’ll be back on my feet.
Just like moonlight,
quicksilver of the night.
I adapt, I am undefined.
I will take flight,
riding on starlight
to unimaginable heights.

Give me faith.
Give me some time.
I’ll surprise you.
I’ll take back what was mine.
Watch me close, watch me well.
I’m Phoenix rising — can’t you tell?
Can you feel my fiery breath?
Be warned, I do not fear death!

Give me space.
Give me air.
I’ll soon find my place.
Oh yes, I’m breaking free.
Watch me fly, watch me soar.
I’ll conquer this darkness within.
I’ll overcome — I will win!
Just you wait and see.
This I guarantee —
I’ll soon get back — to being me!

Artwork. “Fantasy”. sagira87. Flickr