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(Note: Baguio — /bag/’yō/)

I crave you Baguio,
like I crave the windswept sky,
when the last throes of stormy passion
has pushed away all illusions and delusions
of this driven city-weary heart.

And I long to trace with my eyes
your peaks and crests.
Revisit your hidden curves.
Intertwine my soul
with the first drop of dew
from your fragrant pines.

I long to kiss you.
Taste your morning air.
In the same way lovers would
nibble on supple and pliant lips.
Taking in little by little,
the sweetness of the other.
Until your undeniable imprint
is left on my naked wanting soul.

I long to walk your roads at night.
Get lost in the fog that rises up
like a long anticipated dream.
Its wispy tendrils curl and caress,
and reaches out with the scent
of uncontrollable excitement.
Invading my senses.
Fanning my desire,
for the texture of strawberries
ripened on your sun-kissed brows.
I will lick and savor them,
let them tease my tongue,
and let their sweet juices flow
to my parched parted lips.

And I will have you again Baguio.
As surely as this day turns,
and lovers kiss each other goodnight,
I will drink of your charms.
I will come to you with fire in my heart,
and you will accept me in your sturdy arms.
Calm this chaos of unbridled passion.
Make my wanting soul contentedly sigh,
with the healing touch of your brisk mountain wind,
make my skin sinfully come alive,
under the spectacular blushing sunrise
of your endless delicious sky.

Under Baguio’s Spell

Baguio City is the “Summer Capital” of the Philippines and I am in-love with it !!! It is rich in history, culture and the arts. There is a seductive and dreamy quality to this beautiful city. The air seems alive and pregnant with the delicious scent of pines and flowers. Oh my goodness, speaking of flowers — there are flowers everywhere here !!! They are a sight to behold for they are a bouquet of glorious colors that would assail your senses. I would never get tired of going back there every now and then. In fact, maybe someday, I’ll go and retire there and simply listen to the whispered stories told by the fragrant pine trees.


A Bit About Baguio (This was not written by me. I got this from the website of a travel agency ;D)

Situated amidst the mountainous region of Cordillera, 1,500 meters above the sea, 250 kilometers north of Manila, Baguio City is one of the few place in the Philippines blessed with a cool climate. On average, Baguio is at least eight degrees cooler than any place in the lowlands. Not surprisingly, Baguio has become the “summer capital” of the country. It is gifted with a variety of cultural, historical and scenic attractions which make it an important and interesting destiantion. As early as March, tourists and locals take the six-hour trek up the zigzagging Kennon Road. Within a mile of the city, the sweet scent of pine trees and flowers already permeate the air.

Artists are particularly drawn to this serene city. The annual Baguio Arts Festival attracts aspiring painters and sculptors from all over country. Writers convene in Baguio to meet and recharfe.

However, Baguio wasn’t always a place of peace and leisure. In the early 19th century, the Spaniards stumbled upon this ore-rich valley – and fought feverishly with the local tribes to gain control of the land’s bounties. While the Spaniards succeeded in founding some form of governance in the area, the mountain tribes proved too diffcult to rule. Thus, the Spaniards parceled out the province to the landed gentry.

It was the Americans, perhaps longing for colder climates who saw the vast recreational potential of Baguio. After building Camp John Hay, the Americans proceeded to carve Kennon Road from out of the mountain – and limked Baguio to Manila – and eventually to visitors of all creeds and races.

If you only have a day to spend in Baguio, start your tour with a walk down Session Road. The city’s commercial artery, Session Road is where you get your first bite of the charm and serendipity of Baguio. Apart from a smattering of one-of-a-kind curio shops and fashion boutiques, Session also features an intersting array of culinary delights. Restaurants specializing in Chinese, Italian American, Japanese and Mongolian can be readily found along Session. From Session, take a cab to any of Baguio’s prime attractions. Go horseback riding at Wright Park. Climb up the 252 steps to the Lourdes Grotto. Play a round of golf at John Hay. Cook a tasty chopsuey with the freshest of veggies from the Baguio City Market. Visit the Mansion. Stock up on strawberries. Or tuck under a warm blanket with the crackling of burning wood lulling you to sleep. For nighttowls, Baguio is alive with pulsating music and warm spirits. There are a number of bars and discos that swing until the wee hours of the morning.

Source: asiatravel.com

Some Pictures (Pictures and write-up are mine :D)
Cafe De Batirol: This is the place where you can drink traditionally prepared hot chocolate and rice cakes while enjoying the sights and sounds of the lovely garden outside.







The Butterfly Farm: Have a light invigorating trek through the woods and then have your photo taken with the lovely butterflies acting as your “accessories” 🙂 “