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I write
        as possessed,
by a Being, without time
having a soulful haloed face.

I write
        in a trance ….
Beyond earthly language
and meanings I cannot place.

I write
        from blinding grace,
to be damned or worshipped
like demons entombed in angelic case.

I write
        in livid limbo ….
Hanging between worlds
drifting out-of-reach from saintly curse.

I write
        like a sullen slave,
to taunting spirits, ensnaring sprites
whispering from some hallowed cave.

I write
        in rattling chains ….
To beasts I cannot deny
to voices that give me pain.

I bare
        my silent soul ….
To time’s eternal embrace,
inside the void’s ethereal maze.

I commit
        in crimson blood ….
To lamenting ancient forgotten gods —
These unfixed tales, under mortal eyes and fate’s baleful glare.

Artwork. “Lucid Art”. clarejoy.com