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Other worldly …
heaven born,
spirit form,
body of moonlight,
breath of starlight,
Anghel, the holy one.
Child of the sky,
offspring of divine will.
You sat on my windowsill.
Shimmering creature that you are.
You said you have come from afar.
Flying on iridescent winds,
one can only guess,
what you have seen,
or where you have been.

Tell me Anghel, of rumored places,
hidden between time and space.
Tell me tales of other lands
existing beyond mortal minds,
that only the soul can find.
Talk to me of crystal roads
paved with rubies and gold,
of shining white cities
floating across the skies,
buoyed by people’s faith and prayers,
free from earthly sorrows and cares.

Describe to me, Anghel, in detail —
how the sun never sets in such a place,
and one can palpably touch ethereal grace,
where Love lives and laughs in unending days,
where Life itself, uncorrupted and whole,
walks with emancipated souls.
Let me see with my hopeful heart,
this world of unearthly peace.
Please, stay for a moment,
and patiently tell me all of these.
For it comforts me to know,
that he is there, that he walks there,
in that in-between eternal place,
and he is forever blessed
with happiness and grace.


Artwork. http://www.cygnus-books.co.uk

Featured image. askanangel.org