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I have to say,
I love it when it rains
when reality fades
without any complain
outside my window panes.
I must confess,
I love the stillness
after the rain.
A rest, a pause in time,
I cannot ignore.
An irresistible call
to my driven soul.

And I close my eyes,
soaking up this silence,
allowing raindrops to cool
my feverish skin —
washing away,
melting away,
my sorrows and sins ….
And I listen,
as the wind sings
a long lost familiar lullaby,
while the world settles down
with a contented lover’s sigh.
And suddenly I awaken,
under forgotten skies
of my childhood realm.
And now reality,
is fast disappearing …
sinking … melting
into a primordial stream,
where everything
dissolves into dreams.

And I am a child again,
retracing my steps,
remembering when,
I ran and raced
with immortal beings.
I ate and drank
from enchanted springs.
I sat and had coffee
with wise old trees
and fun-loving fae.
For in this ever-place
and timeless land,
I am in command.
I am ruler, I am queen.
Mistress to untold wonders
no mortal eyes have seen.

And the world spins sleepily,
watching lazily …
with half-closed dreamy eyes.
While I am lost in the taste
of forgotten memories,
which the soft lilting sound
of raindrops have awakened.
Reality is marvelously overtaken.
And in breathing in
this slow unfolding day,
I can feel
my heart skip contentedly.
And smiling languidly,
I plunge quite willingly,
in the pool of youthful yesterday.
Swimming in sweet surrender
in these silky soft …
shimmering silver of …
rain spun days.


Photo. GIF. eyefordesignlfd.blogspot.com

Photo above. simplyhappy-joey.blogspot.com