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This morning,
her daughter ran laughing,
bursting like sunshine
in their room.
Running towards her,
skipping on her small feet.
Fits of giggles blossoming,
from her young smiling lips.
While her husband pretended
to chase their little girl around.
Stumbling like a wounded giant,
capitulating in a fashion so splendid,
that their little girl squealed in delight.
Winking, her husband fell down on his knees,
and surrendered without a fight.
That’s how morning began in their home,
with the golden sun,
hovering in the azure sky,
smiling at their weekend fun.

This morning,
she turned the TV on and saw,
five young boys lay still, unmoving
in twisted positions
on the pale somber sand.
Growing pools of blood,
pouring out and forming around,
shattered little heads and limbs.
And fathers gave birth to anguish,
as they shook the tiny bodies,
willing them to run and laugh again.
Their insane look of grief,
hammered through her.
From the screen,
she saw and felt them,
go down on their knees,
choking on screams.
And the golden sun
hid behind the stars,
as the red red red sand
bled upon the azure sky.

This morning,
she turned off the TV.
Resumed folding the laundry.
Started thinking about the grocery.
Glanced over at the unwashed dishes.
Checked the to-do things on her list.
While her husband and daughter,
filled their home
with shrieks of laughter.
And the golden sun still shone,
but a shadow has fallen on her day.
Maybe she can shake it off,
keep the unpleasant darkness at bay,
by turning the TV on again,
to some inane show,
so this burdensome shadow,
will disappear by tomorrow.
And the golden sun,
will continue to shine
in her unending azure sky.