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Cocooned in twilight’s embrace
It seemed like ….
I passed weeks, months …
in undefined gray days ….
In that haze, in that darkness,
of night collapsing unto night —
I was losing clarity,
I was losing sharpness,
of this world upon words.
Your words, which brought me meaning,
brought me joy, brought me purpose,
gave me reason to keep on living.
But words, your words can be shaped,
they can be molded, they can be bent —
just like your promises that came and went.
And my world upon words —
went fast disappearing,
without you,
it came to mean nothing ….

I was lost and broken.
I was down on my knees, wallowing.
But it is in darkness that one can see the light,
and in that hour, I found my inner strength and might.
Words, after all, can be revised and redefined.
And this world upon words
can be recreated to be mine.

Slowly I will rebuild which has been destroyed.
It will bring me contentment and joy,
to fashion it and give it meaning.
I will claim it and make it a part of my being.
I will let my words breathe life to this world.
I will let my power grow and unfurl.
I will be complete, I will be no Other.
From now on, I will have no need for another.
I will speak and in speaking,
I will be god and goddess,
I will be lady and lord,
I will unquestionably own,
this world upon words.


Artwork. From the article, “Creating Your Heart’s Desires” by teza. http://thepurpleoasis.com/2012/12/03/creating-your-hearts-desires/