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The words will not come today.
I am in a blank state of mind.
Bohemian inspiration I cannot find,
for all dressed up in her colorful hat,
she has quietly slipped out like a cat.
And the words will not come today.
They simply decided to stay away.

Sunlight and moonlight,
they bring me palpable pain,
that my heart’s speech has failed,
and I cannot paint their ethereal reign.
Playful creativity has turned away her face.
She gave me neither rhymes nor grace.
Instead she decided to stretch and rest,
and ignore my importunate requests.
So my soul cannot sing,
for this spring has run dry.
And by starlight I hope and pray,
but still, the words will not come today.


I am left like a festering wound.
I am a caterpillar out of a cocoon,
gasping for air in a world of meanings,
I desperately run after mysteries.
I am dying with untold stories.
But still, the words have stayed far away.
They said they will not come today.

And I try, I so despairingly try,
to describe life through a five point star,
but I stammer, I fumble,
and the words stay out-of-reach,
I can sense them from afar.
But they refuse to come,
they simply want to stay away.
And I mournfully know,
the words will not come today ….

My rejected soul is devastated,
I feel oh-so-frustrated!
Mr. Humdrum has kept me company all day.
And so now, I am left with gashes of lexical slashes.
Phonetic cuts have left me with bleeding lyrical guts ….
Because the words will not come today.
They have decided to stay away,
and now I have nothing clever left to say ….

Cartoon. Original Artist. http://www.CartoonStock.com

Photo above.www.onewed.com