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I needed a story to print,
and so I asked him,
when did the bomb fall?
He gazed at me unseeing.
Mouth hanging open.
Mute, he seemed,
totally incapable of speaking.
His eyes, made me shudder
There was nothing —
hollowed look … emptiness.
A void, a darkness —
A wasteland within.

I walked away,
but he started to speak.

He said the bomb fell,
while they were eating.
He looked lost,
he was in shock, I can tell.
He repeated, the bomb fell
while he and his family
were exchanging stories.
And his little boy was laughing,
because of some silly joke
his wife was sharing.
These past months have been trying.
But they had faith, they prayed
that people will know,
then the war will end tomorrow.

And then suddenly, he said,
like a thief it came.

The bomb fell!
And there was madness.
The light was blocked out —
there was only darkness!
Time imploded on that moment.
Everything went fast and slow.
Everything was brought low.

Thunder on his ears!
His heart beating fast.
He could taste his fear.
His son was crying,
and his wife was screaming.
Then another thunder came!
Cement and glass,
flying all over the place.
He cried out he said,
rivers of tears mixing
with his blood and sweat.
He called out
to his wife and son,
but there was only silence ….
Deafening, oppressive silence,
eerily stealing their lives.
Waves upon waves of silence,
that killed all of his cries.
Until gradually … finally
he came wholly undone.

When did the bombing stop?
I asked as he cried.
Don’t you know? He said,
in between tears,
the bombs will always be here.

The painting above is from the blog entry entitled, “10 Things … Word List” from muddycolors.blogspot.com (http://muddycolors.blogspot.com/2013/04/10-thingsword-list.html?m=1)