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Memories are tricky beings.
Tiptoeing into your mind.
Giggling in your ear.
Whispering yesterday’s stories
that you’re too tired to hear.

And as you lie wavering,
between sleep and wakefulness,
they harass you with their playfulness.
Swarming in and around your head —
these memories,
are like a multitude of fireflies,
flickering flames in the night,
reminders of this day’s plight —
hovering over your closed eyes.
Flashing images,
they refuse to quietly fade and die.

Mischievously, they leave your mind all a-glow.
And with a groan, you wish they’d go.
They refuse to settle down and rest.
Putting your patience to the test.
And alas, before you know it,
you’re at the edge of your wit.
Beaten by these memories —
these gremlins of yesterday,
these banshees of the night,
raucously keeping you company
until the first morning light.

Anime print. “Sleepless” by loxsiana. deviantart.com

Photo above is from the article, “Sleepless after The SHTF” by falcon15. greenewave.com