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I just read a post by Fashion Pulis right now about the death of Dale, and it left a bad taste in my mouth. In my opinion, Fashion Pulis you are heartless! How dare you treat the memory of Dale this way. How can you be so self-serving?

Everyone is mourning Dale’s tragic death right now, but you don’t care about that. You just care about the traffic your post will generate in your blog — simply put, you just don’t care about Dale at all.The poor soul jumped to his death already — everyone is mourning him. His family, his friends and his lover are all lost and broken right now. They are vulnerable and this is not helping them. Oh I’m sorry, I stand corrected, not everyone is mourning Dale, because obviously you’re not.

Do you know the amount of depression Dale must have felt for him to commit suicide? I’m assuming you read his last post in FB where he clearly said that, “Love can kill”. When I read that, my heart bled for him and we were not even that close to each other. But I sincerely cried for him, because I could imagine how much he must have been hurting during that time. He probably felt so alone and he probably had no one he could open up to, so he just lost all hope …. Dale was probably a sensitive soul, and I’m sure he won’t appreciate you publicly posting his final messages to his lover in your site. Do you know what you did? It was like getting Dale’s remains from his resting place and hanging his corpse up in public for everyone to see, peruse or even ridicule.You made a spectacle of his death. You killed him again.

Some time ago, a student of mine jumped off a building and I was depressed. I felt numb and broken, because as an educator, I truly treat my students as my extended children. If I was broken then, that student’s family was even more devastated. I can imagine that Dale’s family is going through the same difficult time right now. I know that they are in pain, that what-if thoughts are gnawing at their minds, that they are missing Dale and there’s an emptiness in them that can never be filled again. Did you even think about that before you posted those messages and decided that they would be such juicy gossip to share with the World Wide Web? Did you even respect the grief they are going through right now? You didn’t, did you? To you, Dale’s story is just another statistic in your blog traffic. How cold. How sad.

Fashion Pulis, I have a question to ask you — where is your heart? You should know better, you teach in De La Salle University (I used to teach there) and is this what you teach your students — to disrespect the memory of dead people? Make money out of them? Be callous and ignore the pain and suffering of others as long as they will benefit from them in the long run? Are those the values you are imparting to them? Then I pity your students and I pity De La Salle University as well.

De La Salle University, I also have a question for you — are these the educators you have? Aren’t you supposed to be a Christian school that stands up for morality and values — then why do your tolerate this? Everyone knows that Fashion Pulis destroyed the reputation of countless of people already, and you probably know that DLSU, and if you’re not doing something about that, then shame on you too.