Comings and goings
on a busy morning.
Drifting faces.
Solitary souls.
Floundering individuals,
struggling to be whole.

And as such, we meet.
Down that busy street.
In between roads,
in between spaces.
Going our separate ways.
Strangers in life’s aftermath.
Crossing over,
each of us headed,
down different paths.

And as such, we meet.
Caught in time’s recess —
Fate’s stopover.
And in that instant,
in that pause of forever —
our hands brushed.
And with that single touch,
our eyes locked.
Briefly, intimately ….
Your soul looked into mine.
But life flowed and time knocked ….
We were caught,
in the ticking of our clocks.
And so we went ahead,
ignored beginnings,
and words were left unsaid.
Our what if story remains
unwritten … unread.

But in that still place ….
In that in-between space,
where Fate and Forever stayed ….
I thought, I saw you and me,
or rather … dreams of us.
Whispers of possibilities,
alive in some distant shore
of other lives, other realities ….

“LOVE”. Watercolor painting. polyvore.com