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Broken pieces.
Heartbeat ceases.
all over the place.
Slivers of the same story.
Both of them hurting.
Both of them feeling sorry.
Heart’s breath … heart’s death.

His side, her views.
Different perspectives.
What is true?
Subjective hearts.
Not knowing how to stop
or where to start.
Until finally, bleeding fast,
they can only wonder.
How it all began?
How they both could,
but chose not to.
How easy it is to lash out,
amidst the cries and the shouts.
How easy to ignore the other,
and put the blame on another.
So they gather shards,
hitting … again and again.
Wound upon wound,
until they are both scarred.
Shredded souls … empty souls.
Nothing gained … Nothing remained.
Nothing to pick up ….
And yet … they still won’t stop.

Broken …. pieces —
Fragments …
all over the place —
…. Heartbeat ceases ….

Artwork is included in the gallery of Leni Van Der Steen. It is entitled, “Heartbreak Hotel” (http://www.kunstinvlaanderen.com/?p=1288)