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Today tastes delicious,
and I feel simply luscious.
Hips on fire.
Eyes alight.
Waist teasing.
Legs flashing.
Are you ready?
Lick my lips.
Touch my thighs.
Feel the softness
of my breath
on your brow.
See me fly.

Tonight I am mistress.
Empress of your soul.
Goddess of your desire.
Answer to your loneliness.
The key to your happiness.

From dawn to golden afternoon,
moonlight and starlight,
daybreak and nightfall,
worship me if you dare.
Come to me naked and bare.
Feel alive under my touch.
I’ll make your breath catch.
For I am above your dreams,
surpassing comprehension.
I am my own.
I reign supreme.
I am beyond human.
I am gloriously woman.

(Artwork was taken from 2012portal.blogspot.com)

(Artwork featured at the beginning of the text was originally from katherineskaggs.com)