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Sunbeams are coming.
Bouncing and tumbling they went,
past the leafy branches of the tree outside.
Jumping onto the concrete ledge
and diving through my window,
landing with bursts of laughter by my side.
Kicking over last night’s sorrow,
playfully nudging me awake
to this bright-eyed golden tomorrow.

And they went giggling —
over my head
on top of my bed,
they went dancing.
Their golden wings fluttering,
showering me
with droplets of golden dust,
pushing Sandman away
with flurry and fuss.
They pulled me on my feet.
Pushed me out of yesterday,
into this bright-eyed golden day.

The sunbeams are singing.
Upbeat chords are floating,
and I can see them flying,
prancing all over my room.
Bathing it yellow,
chasing away gloom.
And I had to smile,
it felt good and it had been awhile,
since I felt peace and happiness.
My life has never been so blessed.

The sunbeams are still coming.
My soul is slowly mending,
and my feet are tip-a-tapping,
and my heart, with the sunbeams,
is now freely dancing.


Image is taken from growingalibrary.wordpress.com