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You ….
My geeky lady,
with the quiet smile
and sarcastic humor,
the impish laughter
and funny antics after.

Yes you ….
Daughter of my soul,
with the endless questions –
wondering about life and its lessons.
Curious about the how, the this and the that,
always dishing out a why and a what.

Yes you …
Child of my heart,
your life’s just about to start.
Child of my blood,
I wish to spare you from pain and sorrow,
and give you a better tomorrow.

Yes you …
My Pokemon girl,
awkwardly smiling and standing there,
growing up too fast and too soon,
I want to remember how we spent this golden afternoon.

Yes you …
My little princess,
I won’t forget your hugs and butterfly kisses.
I want to remember your sunshine and laughter,
so that your memories will keep me warm in my old days after.

Yes you …
My precious Raine,
water of my life, my answered prayer.
Thank you for chasing away life’s darkness and pain.
Thank you for bringing color to this life that was so plain.