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I am walking on space
my twinkling toes barely keeping pace,
tripping on recent memories
of your sinfully delicious kiss,
still tasting — the yumminess of your lips.
Oh yes, I am floating on air
and I’ve got happiness to spare.

Potholes? And pollution?
Garbage in the sidewalk?
Global warming? Annihilation?
Who cares??? Poppycock!
I’m in love !!!
I’m under Cupid’s snare,
and guess what? I don’t care !!!

My heart feels oh-so-fine.
The streets tonight shine
with the glitter and twinkle
of a thousand stars,
and the world is wonderfully bizarre.
Everything and nothing —
tonight they mean something,
Everything and nothing —
tonight my life has meaning!
I am walking on moonbeams
twirling and dancing on dreams.
Drunk with the promise
of tomorrow’s kiss
happy with the knowledge
I’m about to take the leap —
because I found happiness.
And yes, finally …
forever is on my finger to keep.

(This image is by zazzle.com)