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How can I teach myself
to see beyond
blurred windows
and not be bound
by time and space?
To hear beyond
the silence of your absence,
as your memories wander round
in the chambers of my mind?
To feel beyond
this intense throbbing pain,
and leave this sadness behind
that’s slowly driving me insane?

I want to breathe again …
air without your scent.
I want to smile again …
by myself – not because of you
or what you meant.
I want to sing again …
solo – and enjoy it,
taste every melody and beat.
I want to dance again …
in rhythm to myself … to my soul.
I want to be me — whole.
I want to escape …
unrestrained and fly
beyond the framed landscape
of the distant blue sea and sky.
I want to ….
But from the dimly lit corners of my mind,
your memories come crawling, they come calling.
And I want to be free, I want to be me ….
But maybe that will never be ….