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The raindrops fell tonight ….
by the hundreds they jumped
from billowy heights.
Arms outstretched
screaming in delight.
Wind blown
past glistening faces,
they excitedly raced and landed.
Doubling over with laughter.
Sounding like the shaking
of a hundred rattles.
Mightily announcing
with a boom and a clap,
“Listen all of you and stop!
Find your child within.
Get up and play.
The rain is here to stay!”

And I can see them a-dancing
… those tiny raindrops
with their little feet all a-pounding
and their small silver shoes all a-tapping,
on the pavement,
whose fitful slumber was woken
whose hot summer dreams were broken,
by these translucent bubbly beauties
giggling together
cuddling one another
in pools of moonlit silver
in secret forgotten corners
they were all a-dancing …
round and round they went
warming my heart
with their sweet musty scent.
And the child within me?
Could not help it.
She went out to meet them
with her heart a-beating
with her feet a-skipping
and her soul a-laughing.