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We thought you could
teach me to part
the sullen curtains
of stained windows
and hear beyond
the bleeding silence
of his absence.
We thought you could,
by rousing emotions,
obliterate lingering memories
engraved in the inner landscape
of my earth and sky.

We thought you could
teach me not to feel
the hollow touch
of the solitary wind,
and willingly conceal
the mindless timelessness
of the immense ocean.
We thought you could,
with your touch
rekindle the flame
of dry lips left
too long unclaimed.

On this wanting and waiting day,
on this endless and pensive day,
on this rain soaked day …
we thought you could …..

But loneliness cannot be denied.
Reality blew through my spine.
And shivering, I snuggled deep
within the deepest fold of my heart where I keep
the warm presence of his memories.
And in this all too familiar private space,
we both knew that I was caught,
we realized the painful truth —
he can never be replaced.
For on my unbeating heart
you will forever grace
the detailed likeness
of his unchanging face.