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I’m feeling sentimental and introspective ….

I’m dreaming of lost loves … of a young girl’s quiet summer days spent under the heat of the midday sun while biking and laughing together with her childhood best friend.

I am in another place and time right now … and I could see and smell again my mother’s homemade halo-halo with globs of leche flan and sweetened jackfruit winking merrily on top of deliciously melting crushed ice and Alaska evaporated milk. I am smiling with sympathy at the memory of an 8-year old kid who’s silently wishing that she won’t be sent off to bed soon for the daily siesta, while her friends’ distant squeals of pleasure and shouts float through the open window as they gleefully played patintero outside her house. But the little girl could not hear them as she slurped down her cold snack and began dreaming of a distant future where she was all grown up and she could do what she wanted without anyone telling her otherwise, and her dreams of the future made her smile while her mother gently patted her head and kissed her sun-scented forehead ….

The little girl sadly did not foresee that, someday… that future would dream of her as well … during a quiet and nostalgic summer day ….