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Early morning, I’m getting my stride.
I’m down for whatever, so let’s ride.
Buttery sunlight gliding over my coffee cup,
the whole world is just jig-a-jiggling up.
Birds chime in like morning bells.
It’s one of those fun-fantastic day
And I feel so fine and so swell.
So c’mon, let’s just sizzle and hang.
Let’s while ol’ Father Time away
And end this day with an unforgettable bang.

Lie your bones with me.
Forget the world and just let it be.
While the white curtains softly glow,
Fill me with your rhythm and let’s flow.
Let’s make no promises today.
Don’t speak, there’s nothing to say.
Confined in this space,
Let’s set this crib ablaze.
Let’s burn, your soul in mine.
Dissolving into each other like wine.

And then afterwards leave,
I have given you all that I could give.
And Baby, I’m sorry, but beyond that I cannot say.
So it’s better if we go on our separate ways.
I’m a lady that cannot be held down.
So Babe, get it together, I’ll see you around.
You know where the door is, just let yourself out.
For what it’s worth, you were delicious — without a doubt.
But this honey has other things on her mind.
I’m just not the traditional kind.
It’s hard to explain or to define.
It’s not that I’m no angel or I’m no saint.
Simply put, I just hate being restrained.
I am complete, I am my own being.
Succinctly said and truth be told —
(And don’t think that I’m so cold)
I’m a Queen who doesn’t need a King.