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Come now. Sit, tell me the truth.
Tell me no sad Pinocchio lies.
Don’t hide behind your fake tears
And muffle your answer with your cries.

So you want to play some games
And dance with the devil?
Then sit. Watch as your world burns.
I’ll start the fire, fan these lovely flames.
I’ll partake of your soul and revel
Hum a tune while your world overturns.

Why? Haven’t you discerned?
Tit for tat. Haven’t you learned?
I have nothing to lose, nothing to gain.
But I will take pleasure in your pain.
I’ll catch you a falling star
And drive its pieces straight to your heart.
I’ll draw patterns on your scar
And leave your beautiful face marred.

It is personal my dear
And I so love the taste of your fear.
Now be careful and don’t fall asleep
Or you may wake up six feet deep.
Be warned, I watch and I plan.
I’ll take you by surprise when it’s done.

Didn’t your mother tell you? Never play with fire.
The consequences can be costly and dire.
So now, let’s dance, tap your feet on the floor.
As I drive this last nail on your coffin’s door.