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Friday morning, it’s deliciously cold.
Happy vibes, you drank your coffee – extra bold.
The wind filled your flushed face with baby kisses,
The air sang with the promise of satisfied wishes,
It’s such a fine fine laid back day
And you know it’s gonna be okay.

Sunbeams tumbling through your window.
You can hear their golden laughter
And you could see them all a-glow,
While your dreams from the evening after
Seemed to skip across your bed.
And this is what they said,
It’s such a fine fine laid back day
So throw all your sadness away.

You shimmied into a dress and pulled on your boots.
Munched on your bagel and some fruits.
Got all glammed up even when you’re alone.
Because girl, you don’t need him to feel pretty.
You can feel it in your sugar sweet bones.
Today, you know, you’ll own this city.
And the air chimed in to say,
Woman, swing your hips out and sashay
Because you are soooooo fab-fab-fabulous
Melt with those sultry eyes and get luscious.
Because today is a fine fine day
And you’re gonna be oh-so-okay.

She shopped and dined
Read a book while sipping wine
Spoke Her mind and wrote poetry
Watched shows and appreciated artisty.
And those who saw Her wondered who She was with.
She couldn’t help but snicker at their myth.
She’s living and loving Her life without a hitch.
Because it’s such a fine fine day
And She’s so over yesterday.

She stretched Her languid body with pleasure
She’s moving at Her own pace and leisure
Tonight She will have a feast
She will dance, She will soothe,
She will embrace and kiss;
She will remember Her forgotten Self
And make soulful peace —
Because it is a fine fine day
And She’s, ooooh-la-la, doing A-okay.