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I know their secrets.
I know their ways.
I’ve seen the darkness within them night and day.
I’ve seen their cruelty and how they kill
Without mercy, like beasts that know not how to feel.

See no evil.

I’ve heard them whisper.
I’ve heard them speak.
I’ve listened to them plan their every snare and trick.
I’ve listened to their deceptions and their lies.
Convincingly said as they lead their victims to die.

Hear no evil.

What I’ve seen,
What I’ve heard,
Will be made known.
These hypocrites must pay.
For the injustice they’ve caused day after day.
The truth will be told
Our dignities will not be sold
Our souls will be taken back from the devil
Because today we will ….

Speak no evil.

From blog.selfarcheology.com

From blog.selfarcheology.com