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She smiles … knowing
The monsters are here
And they are unforgiving.

He said ….
They come out at night
They live under his bed
He can hear them wishing,
that he is dead.
And when the moon is out
They loiter round and about.

He confided,
They like it when nobody’s around,
When the world’s not making a sound.
They stalk, they slither, they creep.
They rattle, they roll, they crawl.
They sniff out secrets and fear;
They will destroy all he holds dear.

He cried,
They come out when he’s alone and quiet.
They growl, they snarl and make such a riot;
His soul is already hanging on the edge
And his mind is traipsing on the ledge —

She whispered in his ear,
As she wiped away his tears.
And this is what she said,
“In the catacomb of your mind
There you will see and find
The monsters under your bed
Wily, waiting and well-fed.
Feral, hungry and ferocious
They will strike out again
When you’re lonely and broken
And all you could do is scream and shout,
When you hear them round and about ….”