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I am
the Queen of Passion
I rule over tasty treats
and sweet temptations.
I cook pleasures that will bring you over the edge of delight
You’ll lick your lips and feel ecstatic at my very sight.

I am
the Empress of Love
I rule over boundless compassion,
unconditional acceptance
and comprehension.
I chase insecurities away
keeping soul shadows at bay.

I am
the Mistress of Empathy
I rule over round-faced comfort
and priceless vibrant cheer.
I wield a soft touch to wipe away tears,
to rest in my arms will calm all your fears.

I am
the Diva of Gentle Advice
I rule over wise venerable words
and objective voices that must be heard.
I sing encouragement to the weary heart
and breathe counsel to those who don’t know how to start.

I am
the Priestess of Strength
I rule over unbreakable will
and resolve forged from steel.
I offer a prayer to the lost and bereft
and channel hope to those who have nothing left.

This is who I am.
I am no Other.
I am the temptress and the mother.
I am your best friend and sister.
I am the lover and the goddess.
I am complete. I am the universe.