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I walked in solitude,
drenched by rain.
The cold water
touched hidden valleys
like tongues on fire,
leaving tingling paths
on sleeping skin.
And the damp musky smell
caught in my throat,
invading my senses —
thickened with desire.
Awakening fantasies
of humid nights,
so distant from
this rain-soaked earth ….

In other lands
in other times,
we watched
the leaden clouds
drift across the evening sky;
my breath mingled with your sighs.
Slowly we became one
and your sweetness
drowned out my pain —
I was burning in your rain.
I could feel you moving
hear you breathing
beside me
within me ….
In other lands,
in other times ….

The cold water
splashed on my eye,
and I was back
in this strange night,
with the wind kissing
my ice-cold cheeks,
and the rain tasting
the longing in my lips.
And the dark sky
echoed my loneliness,
As I waded in dreams
of your made-up memories.