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She wobbled
on high heels,
barking out orders
to her maid,
while walking on stilts.
“Don’t forget
to wash Mary’s frock,
and make sure to cook
sweet-and-sour fish
for tonight’s main dish.”

Equilibrium on sticks
is a tricky act.
Spreading one’s weight
on tiptoes
tends to tire
the heart and
hurt the back.

She answered the phone,
as she gathered her purse.
“No, I’ve told you
I need those ….
Email them by nine …
Yes, yes …
the presentation
was just fine…”

She crossed the room
with a perfect pirouette.
Just like a dancer,
who controlled her center.
She opened her car,
her mind focused
on the day ahead,
oblivious to everything.

I reached out to her,
heart in my lips, I said,
“Bye mommy, I love you.”
She didn’t even hear,
her eyes widened in fear
as her stiletto heel snapped.
Smacked hard
on the ground
she crashed down.
I heard her scream.
Split in half, her shoes
tragically came loose.
I sighed … they seemed such
elegant perfect heels ….
Now they’re broken …
totally undone;
the balance is gone.