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When you fall in-love, you don’t really think.  In fact you become a total idiot, putting your happiness in the hands of another person. Damn it, you even become a freaking idolater, worshipping the other person, opening yourself up to him … unthinking … becoming worst than stupid. They say, the most intelligent person becomes a fool in the face of love. Yet the fool goes on — blind and naïve, thinking that finally in this bleak cold world, something is going right. And then the unthinkable happens … you wake up, you realize, what the hell? Why did he do it? Why would he lie and take a knife to your heart and slowly stab you with it? Does he enjoy hurting you? Did he even love you? You look around and nothing makes sense … in fact you feel numb … it’s like someone took a gun and shot a hole clear through your heart. You wait for the tears, they never come, and you go on with your life like a toy soldier. Fighting the pain, trudging on despite the ache, but deep within you, really, you don’t know what you’re doing. You’re just going through the motions of living. Then you see tiny pieces of you lying around, looking lost and desolate. You ask yourself, which one do you pick up first? Do you even want to pick them up at all? You’re just tired … just tired …. You’ve given it all and now you feel so empty ….