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Poetry Readings This morning during my World Literature class, we were defining poetry and part of the definition said that poetry is the imaginative awareness of experience. I asked my class what they thought was meant by that phrase, someone answered that it probably has something to do with tickling the imagination, and another student said that it may probably pertain to evoking an emotional response from the readers.

I told them that they were both correct, because poetry is able to evoke an emotional response from the reader after giving the reader a new perspective on an ordinary object or idea. Poetry enables the reader to visualize the object from a renewed point-of-view. I even told them that Wordsworth himself said that, poetry has the power to make familiar objects unfamiliar.

One of my students, Martin, asked for an example to make things clearer. I replied that not only will he have the example he needs, but his classmates would provide him with several examples. I asked the class to give me adjectives to describe the white board that we were using for our lecture. I listed down all of their answers:




you doodle on it



I then told them that they have 5 minutes to come up with a poem that will describe the white board in a totally different light. They were allowed to add words and phrases to their poem.

Taking into account the time pressure and limited subject matter that was given to them, I am quite happy and proud with what they came up with. I am pleased to share with you some of their exceptional works.


On this simple blank surface
I strike but meaningless lines and curves
But set your eyes on this white plane
And see how shapes and colors make worlds.

 By Carlo Lava


 A white plane that you doodle on
So simple, blank and smooth.
It shines as if it holds the soul
Of sweet untainted youth.
 And yet with every mark it may
So easily be marred.
And cleaned again, with sweeping moves,
Too quick a healing scar.
 But sometimes, one will mark with wrong
Types of inking tools
And there we see permanence
Left blithely by a fool.
 Some things may go, and come and go
As life is fleeting now,
And always, but some things just stay
And stuck and scar, somehow.

 By Motzie Dapul


 Beneath that shining armor
Lies a place to let your emotions pour
As blank as it may look
It is filled like a book

 By Lara Zamora


Trust (Whiteboard)

 Let’s start over
Plain white surface, with no cover
Erase all the written lies
Clean of hatred; things you despise.
 Oh trust, oh trust
Has metal frame that can rust
But the surface is as clean as new
Although that’s what we both knew
Time will pass by, everything has a phase
Permanent mark; you can never erase.

 By Pauline Hermoso


This one is unfinished, but he did try J

 From the eyes of the layman, they only see what their
Mindset is telling. As I look through reflections
Facing against me, vivid images of our lessons begin
To fill my mind with intellectual lessons of deep and
Unimaginable understandings that shine against the fuzzy
Light of the room

 By Nino De Guzman

There are days when I just love being a Literature professor 🙂 Since I am in such a good mood, I think I’ll share one of my favorite scenes from the movie, Dead Poet’s Society: enjoy 😉