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I watched my daughter
as she takes her first steps.
Stumbling like the mermaid in the story;
a hundred needles, pricking her soles.
Yet she takes to it, like fish to water.
Smiling with happiness,
she was surprised
by the sound of our excited applause.

Cocking her head to one side,
she seemed to be listening,
to the distant melody of a dream.
She plods forward, in the midst of smiling faces.
Guided by the illusion of life
on muted silken carpets of truth;
bearing the swiftly disappearing traces —
of lives unlived … of roads untrodden.

Why does my heart ache
as I gaze into your round innocent eyes?
Why do my arms seek to enfold you? Protect you.
Keep you safe from sharp points of dreams.

Will you understand me
in the sweetness of your flight?
Will you hate me
when I tell you —
that we are all creatures of fantasy,
fighting against insipid realities?
And that the illusion of steps
you took during this morning’s early light,
is now just a receding patter
in the fullness of the coming night.

Mother and Daughter by xcgirl08 from deviantART